Here are some essential facts about chronic intractable pain and What is Chronic Pain... Generalized muscle or nerve pain can also develop into a chronic condition. depression and pain Can the Institute for Chronic Pain provide the information and technology you are looking for related to severe chronic pain or chronic intractable pain?... The Two Faces of Pain: Acute and Chronic: What is pain? The International Association for the Study of Pain defines it as: An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage or described in terms of such damage. chronic pain centercomprehensive pain management center The subjects of chronic intractable pain and What is Chronic Pain are popular search terms on the web... Nociceptive pain is caused due to the activation of nociceptors in the body. Your interest in What is Chronic Pain and severe chronic pain suggests you have a problem with chronic pain... chronic pain solutions The Institute for Chronic Pain has deep experience that address chronic intractable pain and What is Chronic Pain... It can—and often does—cause severe problems for patients. If this page does not answer your questions about What is Chronic Pain or severe chronic pain, please contact us... chronic pelvic pain in women The Institute for Chronic Pain is your best source of information about severe chronic pain and chronic intractable pain... Chronic pain is a disease for which there is often little sympathy. pain treatment